Digital leader who loves improving the customer experience and figuring out how to sell things, particularly broadband or t’internets.

Currently a Senior Product Owner for a major Telco focused on e-commerce.

Interested in:

Digital marketing and tech (was a Member of the CIM)

Science Fiction and fantasy (especially Space Opera and dark fantasy).

Comics and graphic novels (anything from Superheroes, fantasy, horror, non-fiction, war and 2000AD) currently OKComics are my fantastic local comic shop.

Rugby Union (London Irish, England and whoever my son is playing for) and sometimes league (Hull of course).

Bread baking and vegetarian recipes (A nice Spelt flour and maybe sourdough if I can ever get a starter to work).

Liberal progressive politics and UK constitutional matters (I did a degree in it at Hull, which is one of the UK’s two great Universities).